Maritimes September 2017 - Elizabeth's Photography

Below are links to 3 galleries of  some photos of our holiday in the Maritime Provinces of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. We did this trip in September 2017.  From where we live in BC we had a total of six hours flying time to reach Halifax in Nova Scotia. Our first week was spent in Nova Scotia visiting the South Shore, Cape Breton and some of the Northumberland Shore, finishing with the ferry to Prince Edward Island. After a wonderful week on the Island we returned to the mainland using Confederation Bridge, which terminates in New Brunswick. Then back to Nova Scotia and on to The Bay of Fundy and the South Shore for our final week.

The Maritime provinces are beautiful. The Cabot Trail in Cape Breton is recognized as being one of the most scenic  drives in the world, and we were so lucky to have perfect weather in which to enjoy it. 

We visited so many interesting places, and learned so much. Both PEI and Nova Scotia are so colourful, as you will see with any pictures with buildings in them. We had heard Maritimers were special people, and its true, so warm and friendly, a pleasure to get to know.No apologies for the number of lighthouse photos ! As you would expect, there are a great many in these provinces.

 Please adjust the brightness on  whatever device you are viewing the photos on  to the best effect. There are 3 galleries, and the thumbnails will enlarge  when  you click on them. Many of the photos have captions on the bottom left.  Hope you enjoy looking at my  photos ! Elizabeth.

(If you wish visit some of my other galleries to see other places closer to home in BC and Alberta.)